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How IT can transform your business

If you're a business owner, manager, or responsible for daily operations within a business, it's likely that you're constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency, minimize cost, and keep the business moving forward. The vast array of solutions and services available can make it difficult to understand which offerings will benefit your business, and those that will not.

Which solution(s) are relevant to your business? Ask your IT team!

A good IT partner, or team can help you weed through the overwhelming number of solutions by partnering with your business lines and operations teams to understand your business needs, and tailor solutions to meet them. A great IT team can help you:

  • Reduce capital costs for equipment

  • Improve service uptime and reliability - reducing the cost of downtime

  • Better user experiences translate into improved customer satisfaction, increasing the perceived value of your business

An example of transformitive IT is the advent of the cloud, before cloud based email, any business larger than 25-50 employees had to invest in an exchange server, or some other server based email system, which included - but isn't limited to - the following:

  • A physical piece of equipment - a server to run the application

  • The software licensing for the email system

  • Personnel to maintain and administer your email system

  • Annual maintenance agreements in the event of an issue

For Small/Medium size businesses, this is costly, and difficult to achieve, even if the administration could be outsourced to reduce cost. Not to mention the emails lost due to internet outages. With cloud based email (Office365, G-Suite for Work), this is no longer an issue, a user account is as low as $5 a month, always available thanks to multiple internet connections, and best of all relatively easy to administer. Allowing your IT staff to reduce the amount of time they spend on repetitive tasks, and focus on your business.

There are many more examples of how IT transformation has helped businesses grow, increase efficiency, and improve day to day operations. Contact us today to see how we can illuminate the possibilities for your business.

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