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About me

 I've been in love with technology a lot longer than that, starting with the MS-DOS course I took in Benghazi, Libya at the age of 12. That's a story for another time.

My parents then got a computer that had a 486DX (math co-processor baby!), 4MB of RAM, and a 465MB hard drive. I didn't start working in IT/Tech until 2006 when I was 6 months into College (I was 23 at the time), and was looking for a foothold in the industry. I started at the helpdesk, and I quickly learned that was not for me, for those of you who love it, my hat's off to you, I cannot do what you do.

I continued learning as much as I could, and found that I enjoyed network infrastructure, specifically Virtualization, Networking, and Storage. My focus grew on Networking (and network security as a result) due to the lack of that skillset in my area. 

Since then I've grown and supported a number of large and small organizations (3 letter civilian agencies, large contractors, a small 300 person medical device manufacturer). The one thing all these roles had in common for me was the ability to learn, and help folks with technology. I love helping people and organizations with technology.

This site is a continuation of my goal to help with the aches and pains of technology.   The name Ultraviolet Networks, Ultraviolet after my daughter whose name I wanted in whatever personal brand I developed, and Networks, because it sounded cool, and most topics are network related. 

So thank you for reading, I hope what you find here is helpful.

-Madman out

The opinions, and writings in this website are mine, and not my employer's or anyone else's. As always, the articles and advice on this site come "as-is" with no expectation of support, warranty, or any other entitlement. 

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