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Turn the lights off on your FortiAPs

If this were an ideal world, we'd never see where the WiFi comes from - those are called access points (APs) - or the blinky lights on them. But with RF being a fickle animal, many folks resort to hanging APs with as few obstructions as possible and reasonably within reach.

While not this beautiful, the LEDs on an AP can prove annoying

The problem is, while the APs can be painted to match the surroundings, the status LEDs can still draw unwanted attention. I've seen APs become the target of throw the bologna on the cieling, or just flat out target practice. Other reasons may be more aesthetic but whatever your reasons, worry not, you can turn those blinky lights off.

Provided you're managing your APs with your FortiGate, you will need to log into the CLI and choose one of the options below:

Option 1: Disable LEDs at the profile level

This will disable the LEDs on all APs associated with the profile this option is set under, be mindful to use the appropriate profile name - for the sake of this example I am using the default profile, but the best practice is to clone the default and work with the clone:

Option 2: Disable LEDs per AP

If you only have one or two pesky APs that you wish to disable the LEDs on, you can do this at the AP level. From your FortiGate issue the following commands:

With the serial number being the serial number of the AP you wish to disable the LEDs on.

And that's it! I hope this was helpful.

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