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Minor yet noteworthy change in 6.2.3

First rule of FortiOS, .0 means "dot no". As in "you shall not deploy in production". Second rule of FortiOS "Read the release notes".

While doing this I came across a minor - yet if you're a CLI user like me may be frustrating - is that FortiTelemetry and CAPWAP have been consolidated into "fabric" on the CLI and "Security Fabric Connection" in the UI.

Here's a shot of the config in the CLI

allowaccess fabric has replaced allowaccess CAPWAP and heartbeat enable

And here's how it looks in the GUI:

Gone are FortiTelemetry and CAPWAP, replaced by Security Fabric Connection

While I don't know the reason for the change, it makes more sense. Seeing as both CAPWAP and Telemetry were necessary for FortiAPs and their respective clients, though that's just a matter of opinion.

For more info on release notes check them out at Fortinet's Documentation Library.

Thank you for reading, I hope this was helpful.


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